Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2019 PURGE Carole Manchester ADP
2018 Emmerdale Karen ITV
2018 The Replacement Child Jude Abooo Theatre
2017 Making Waves/ JB Shorts 18 Stella Howard Reallife Theatre
2017 What I Felt Whilst Under You Marie Wonderhouse Theatre
2017 Contractions Manager Play with Fire Productions
2017 Purge Carole/Mum/Ensemble Play with Fire Productions
2017 OCSE Training Ellana Salford University
2017 Waiting Janet Oldham Coliseum
2017 The Resistance Nurse Oldham Coliseum
2017 Relinquished Theresa Didsbury Filmakers
2017 Never Wonder/What the Dickens Tamara Gradwell-Grindley Oldham Coliseum/Manchester ADP
2017 What I Felt Whilst Under You Marie Wonderhouse Theatre
2017 Maybe, Baby/PUSH 2017 Lou Abooo Theatre
2017 Classmates Marla Abooo Theatre
2016 The Bespoke Suit Miriam Scripts Aloud
2016 Emmerdale Jane Fraser ITV
2016 Your Stories/BIRTH Festival Mum Abooo Theatre
2016 North South Shorts Raz in Word on a Wing MAP
2016 Everybody Said Mum Abooo Theatre
2016 Two Mothers Teresa Abooo Theatre
2016 JB Shorts 15 Karin in Humble Reallife Theatre
2016 Little Boy Lost Jean Scripts Aloud at the Kings Arms
2016 Swinging Nancy ADP Manchester
2015 Two Mothers Theresa ADP Manchester
2015 The Bespoke Suit Miriam ADP Manchester
2015 The Songs he Left Unsung Maggie ADP Manchester
2014 Lucina Megan Picture Show Productions
2014 JB Shorts 12 Liv in Good Vibrations Reallife Theatre
2014 The Oakcroft Working Ana Juni Creative
2014 JB Shorts 11 Rose Real Life Theatre
2014 Oedipus Retold Jocasta/Messenger/Soldier Jane Nightwork Productions
2014 Ms Julie Julie Write for the Stage
2014 Village Wooing Zed Jane Nightwork Productions
2013 Portia Isabel Jane Nightwork Productions
2013 Rosetta Stone Language Learning DVD Sarah Phaebus Media Group
2013 Blue Dot Addie Scott 3 Minute Theatre
2013 Schizophrenia Awareness Training Film Jane HavasLynx
2013 Media Awareness Training Film Photographer Essex Police
2013 Media Awareness Training Film Reporter Essex Police
2013 First Transport Group Conference News Reporter (Cathy) MojoFuel
2013 First Transport Group Training Film Deborah (Mum) MojoFuel
2013 Subway Mum Blink Productions
2013 WO British Army Training Warrant Officer (WO2) Brenda Marsden The Garnett Foundation
2013 Cambridge University Press Louise Phaebus Media Group
2012 McCarthy and Stone Mum Moon Film
2012 Essex Police TRIM Training Film Jane Essex Police
2012 Raising Your Game 4 Mirabelle The Garnett Foundation
2012 I Wonder How Far I Can Get (Feature Script) April Mahoney Gary Thomas Films
2012 Tesco Customer Service Training Film Jo The Edge Picture Company
2012 RAF Mediation Sandra The Garnett Foundation
2012 British Army SNCO CLM Training Corporal Kim Shaw The Garnett Foundation
2012 UK Power Networks Corporate Video Care Assistant The Edge Picture Company
2012 Lullaby by James Walsh Witness I-84 Messiah MPC
2012 Denial Jenny Young A Good Night Out Presents
2012 Someone to Blame Penny/Ensemble A Good Night Out Presents
2012 Queens of France Marie Sidonie-Cressaux Leatherhead Rep
2012 P&G Live Commercial Martine, Noughties Mother Canyon
2012 North Middlesex Hospital (Embracing Diversity) Sally The Garnett Foundation
2012 Connection Charity (Diversity Training) Natalia The Garnett Foundation
2011 The Turing Enigma Amanda Bonner Mad Manc Media
2011 Love, Question Mark Maria Jane Nightwork Productions
2011 Like A Fishbone The Architect The Cockpit Theatre
2011 Someone to Blame Marion/Sarah Theatre 503
2011 Raising Your Game 2 Brenda/Briony The Garnett Foundation
2011 Raising Your Game 3 Brenda/Briony The Garnett Foundation
2011 Royal National Orthapaedic Hospital (Diversity Training) Brenda The Garnett Foundation
2011 Eversheds ( Anti-Bullying & Harassment) Therese The Garnett Foundation
2011 Surrey County Council ( Diversity Training) Levina The Garnett Foundation
2010 Raising Your Game 1 MIrabelle The Garnett Foundation
2010 All I Ever Wanted Eve University of Bedfordshire
2010 The Country Corinne Mountview PG Directors Showcase
2010 Love, Question Mark Maria Jane Nightwork Productions
2010 The Stalking Circle Regina Harbottle Rogue Writers
2010 Mummysworld Infomercial Mum Real Village
2010 Love, Question Mark Maria Jane Nightwork Productions
2009 Bayer Corporate Training Video Heather Pop Productions
2009 Tesco Corporate Training Video Ronnie, Customer Service Assistant Media Zoo
2009 The Unimportant History of Britain Actor Interrupt the Routine
2009 St Lucia Tourist Board FVO Wedding TV
2009 Wedding TV Promo FVO Wedding TV
2009 The Tempest Caliban A Good Night Out
2008 Useless Mouths Jeanne Jane Nightwork Productions
2008 The Hood Angie If You Dare Productions
2008 Chains Aline Jane Nightwork Productions
2008 The Bar Sharon If You Dare Productions
2008 Why won't you tell me? FVO Steam Control
2008 You've been a wonderful audience Nurse Jenny/Mrs Bennett/Cassandra/Angela Rippon Drowning Fish Productions
2007 The problem with... Miriam Bournemouth Media School
2007 Seven Minutes Janet Subterranean Highs
2007 Dove Deodorant Corporate Training Video Female Lead Squaredog & Roundcat
2007 How to be a good Zimbabwean Fiona Writing Wrongs
2007 A Vicious Circle Ben's Mum Bournemouth Media School
2007 Macbeth Ross/Fleance Cambridge Shakespeare Company
2007 The Taming of the Shrew Biondello/Widow Cambridge Shakespeare Company
2007 Little Red Riding Hood Narrator AlterEgo Theatre
2007 Castwords FVO Steam Control
2006 Beneath Our Masks Cordelia & Ophelia (Twins) Natural Flair Productions
2006 Dove (Greys) Test Commercial Waitress Glover Films
2006 Jane Austen Makes A Match Jane Austen JaMaM Productions
2006 Moses, The Servant Prince Miriam/Ziphora/Pharoah/God! Alligator Theatre Company
2005 Aladdin Aladdin Alligator Theatre Company
2005 Market Report Updates Telephone Market Updates Financial Times
2004 Cab Hustle Mica Futura3000
2004 Loving Ophelia Christina Rossetti The Pleasance, London
2004 Bobby Fishkin's Richard III Cardinal Morton The Bloomsbury Theatre, London
2004 Threshers Ad - Radcliffe Wines FVO Radioville
2004 Playhouse Creatures Nell Gwynn The Chapterhouse Theatre
2004 The Alterity Exhibition Haegue Yang Lawrence O Hanna Gallery
2004 The House of Bernarda Alba Adela Central St. Martins
2004 Corporate Roleplayer Sam Fern Severn Trent Water
2004 Threshers Carlsberg Ad FVO Radioville
2004 Threshers Budweiser Ad FVO Radioville
2004 Thurrock County Council Training Video Anna Channel 2020
2004 Brent County Council Training Video Helen Channel 2020
2004 War Crimes Nurse Adrian Banton Productions
2004 All Our Yesterdays Alice Blue Elephant Theatre
2003 The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Sewer King Street Woman BBC
2003 Absolutely Fabulous Waitress BBC
2003 Stage Beauty Mrs Corbett Lionsgate Films
2003 Henry VIII Mary Boleyn ITV
2003 Tonight Stallkeeper Diamonds & Guns Productions
2002 Oliver Twist Nancy Jigsaw Theatre