Dir. Martin Gibbons
North West End ★★★★ Upstaged Manchester ★★★★ Northern Soul ★★★★

"Giving a frighteningly real portrayal of an unstable, erratic first-time mother subsequently plagued by grief, Clare Cameron’s performance as Jude is offset perfectly by Rupert Hill’s moving, sympathetic depiction of Oscar" Northern Soul

"Cameron as Jude, the mother Grace never met, gave a particularly powerful performance. She was at various times bitter, passionate, remorseful and caring – and really drew you into the story as a whole " Upstaged Manchester

"I couldn’t fault the performances, all of them powerful and heart wrenching. The chemistry the cast have is a testament to the supportive rehearsal process led by director Martin Gibbons and Clare Cameron who not only had her fabulous acting head on but who also founded Abooo Theatre" Opening

by Mike Bartlett
Dir. Sam Reway-Wells

"Cameron has lovely comic timing.... She plays the ultimate jobs-worth in a totally believable way, despite the absurdity of her words."

The Reviews Hub

"The comic timing of ‘The Manager’ played by Clare Cameron was impressive and the dynamic between both characters was brilliant. The two contrasting characters worked well together."

North West-End

"what is particularly effective is Clare Cameron’s absolute deadpan performance in The Manager’s role."

I Love Manchester

"Clare Cameron is in full Theresa May mode: condescending, utterly indifferent to the effect she is having upon employees and, worse of all, convinced she is doing the right thing."

Manchester Theatre Awards

 (a one-woman show)

Dir. Robert Gillespie
★★★★★ Entertainment Focus, ★★★★ Remote Goat

"Cameron’s richly varied and nuanced performance is nothing short of superb"
Entertainment Focus

"Cameron’s expert delivery and incandescent stage presence kept the audience engaged for an entire hour."
Remote Goat

Dir. Robert Gillespie

"Clare Cameron’s report of how the king finds his mother/mate hanging, “turning”, is given with depth and simplicity" 

Alexander Gilmour, Financial Times

DENIAL by Arnold Wesker
Dir. Adam Spreadbury-Maher
★★★★ The Guardian, ★★★★ What's On Stage,  ★★★★ Entertainment Focus, ★★★★ The Public Reviews , ★★★★ The Jewish Chronicle ★★★★★ Onestoparts, ★★★★★ Ham & High

"what keeps the play on an even keel, dramatically, is that our sympathies are also enlisted for the troubled Jenny, whom Clare Cameron invests with a blazing anger" 
Michael Billington

"gutsy performances, particularly from Cameron"

Matt Trueman,

"Clare Cameron is particularly fine in handling her moments of breakdown"

" Clare Cameron delivers another astonishing performance of raw emotion as the disturbed Jenny Young...Cameron gives a brave and acutely-considered performance that it's impossible to look away from."

"The play is worth seeing just for the excellent performances by Clare Cameron as the supposedly abused daughter Jenny and Shelley Lang who plays her sister Abigail."

"directed and acted with paint-peeling intensity."
Ben Brantley,

Dir. David Mercatali
★★★★ The Independent, ★★★★ What's on Stage, ★★★★ Entertainment Focus, ★★★★ The Public Reviews, ★★★★★ Ham & High

"Clare Cameron, currently also starring in Denial, continues to impress in a multitude of parts ranging from the feckless teenage "witness" Hallam's hard-edged solicitor... It's a great showcase for Cameron's incredible versatility as an actor, as she slips seemingly effortlessly between characters often in the space of a few heartbeats."

"The ensemble actors, however, are the ones who stole the show, with their ability to flip-flop from chav to posh attorney in seconds. .....Clare Cameron gave ice-queen a whole new meaning in her simultaneous characters, impressing us with her various juxtaposed roles." So So Gay

"The range displayed by the ensemble is nothing short of fascinating, Clare Cameron is evenly convincing both as the apathetic key witness and Sam's obstinate lawyer." ExtraExtra

"A powerfully compelling and convincing verbatim piece" The Independent

"highly charged...sharply crafted.." Time Out

Dir. Robert Gillespie
★★★★ Entertainment Focus
"an outstanding performance from Clare Cameron as Maria....She commands the stage in every shape possible....Cameron commands the night in Love, Question Mark and justly so."

"The show also features a stand-out performance by Clare Cameron....And she has a voice like a lark to boot "

"an outstandingly brilliant performance by Clare Cameron who steals the stage from the very second she appears on it."

" Clare Cameron's Maria is equally captivating.. The far greater challenge for her is to retain the audience's sympathy when Maria slips into malice, wishing to inflict revenge on the easily-manipulated Michael for all the wrongs that men have perpetrated on her. It's a clever twist on the gaoled becomes the gaoler theme; but Cameron never loses sight of Maria's vulnerability"
Entertainment Focus

" ..wonderfully performed by Stuart Sessions and Clare Cameron."

Dir. Simon Beyer

" Clare Cameron is outstanding as the rejected and enslaved Caliban."

"Clare Cameron makes an excellent Caliban"

Dir. Jez Bond

"Both Clare Cameron and Mark Katz provided a sparkling counterpoint"

'..Nurse Jenny admirably played by Clare Cameron,who seamlessly takes on other roles'

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